Data Migration and Cleansing

Keep your data intact.

COTIQU has a track record of data migrations from old systems to new. With every migration there is always an element of cleansing and restructuring to be done. COTIQU employs different approaches depending upon the situation at hand and the number of legacy systems that are being migrated away from. These can be a combination of pre-migration data analysis and cleansing of duplicate records prior to migration and/or cleansing during the migration itself. Ensuring the integrity of data relationships between companies, persons, activities, payment history are particularly important.

A quality data migration is a key success factor for every implementation, it is also the opportunity to resolve those long standing issues that businesses have lived with, particularly with data residing in disparate systems.

Your data underpins your business, it is important to get the migration right and ensure you are not left with more data problems than you had before.

Where your solution provider allows database level access, COTIQU can also help with in-place data cleansing.