Infrastructure / Application Audit

Don't lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Quite often small businesses just starting up do not have the budget for a business system from Day 1. So operations begin with Excel and of course a web-site. This is a common sense reduced risk approach to getting a business up and running with minimal outlay.

As the business grows, further investment is made in infrastructure and a business system or two to reduce the manual workload. Next comes an integration into the web-site. Perhaps a standalone event management solution. Then a standalone eMarketing product. Some extra websites arrive for specific business requirements.

Suddenly things aren’t quite working so well as might be expected. Systems are fragmented, reporting is a nightmare, integrations are failing due to unforeseen scenarios.

There comes a point in time for many businesses that a holistic review of the infrastructure and application landscape is due. COTIQU can assist by looking at your existing business, where you see your business in five years time and provide recommendations on a simplified end IT model which can be presented to your Board.

A plan can be put in place to execute one or more projects to get your business moving towards the final end goal, with little business disruption.

COTIQU understands that business operations must be up and running during business hours and as such always performs transitions out of business hours at times agreed with you.