System Selection

Make an informed decision.

Looking for a new association management system? For small to medium sized associations, COTIQU now has a no obligation questionnaire that allows us to understand your business and IT requirements from which we can provide a fixed price quote for our System Selection service. Contact us for more details.

Quite often when organisations are looking for a new solution for their business, they ask the question: “Which is the best system?”. The simple answer is: “It doesn’t exist.”

The question that should be asked is: “Which is the best system for me?”

When looking for a new solution organisations first need to do their homework and decide on the following criteria:

  • Budget. How much can you spend on the product plus implementation costs. Can you continue to invest and grow your solution in subsequent fiscal years to fend off the competition?
  • Functional Requirements: What exactly must the system do for your business. Is it basic membership, event management and digital communications? Do you have requirements for CPD and certification programs? A National Conference? Services specific to your business?
  • Non-Functional Requirements: Do you need to integrate into other third Party systems? How strategically important is your Internet presence to you? What about investing in Search Engine Optimisation to get your site visible? Do you need seamless support for mobile and tablet devices? Which financial system do you need to integrate into? Do you need social platforms for member engagement?
  • Strategy: How will your business look in 5 years time? Will you be adding more services in the future? Will the organisation you partner with today be able to meet your new requirements in the future?

But that is not all. You then need to decide on the profile of the organisation you are willing to partner with. Must they be based in Australia? Do they have a legal entity in Australia? How do they they host their product? What SLAs do they offer? What are their consultancy rates? Do they have a Roadmap and invest in R&D? What are their client references like?

To satisfy your Board that the appropriate governance steps have been taken in selecting your next software partner, you need to conduct a formal selection process.

COTIQU offers a variety of system selection services, ranging from simple and cost-effective evaluations of targeted suitable providers, to a detailed and formal RFP process along with a report to the Board.

The outcome of the process is that the client is empowered to make an informed decision about who the best choice is to suit their particular needs.