Project Management

Keep your implementation under control.

So you have signed the contract for a new system. Now what?

Now comes the implementation part and if it is not executed carefully, things can go horribly wrong and become terribly expensive.

Common mistakes when beginning a project are:

  • Not setting up proper project controls. Who is the Sponsor with the authority for sign-off? Who are the key project stakeholders empowered to make the decisions (and nobody else)? Is there a contingency? Have the risks been identified?
  • Setting a completion date without first taking into consideration the scope of work to be done and the resources available to do it
  • Setting the budget to be that of the price quoted by the chosen supplier - and then getting that amount approved by your Board. Yet the cost of the product is almost always not the same as the cost of the project. Common factors that can increase cost are travel, training and scope creep. What about the data migration? If a web-site revamp is a part of the project, then there is the potential for significant content rework that is almost always a client cost, not a supplier cost. The result can be budget blow-out and worse, unhappy Board members
  • Staff resourcing and operational capacity and risk. When is the best time for the organisation without exposing undue risk to the business?

When it comes to projects, three constraints always come into play: Cost, Time and Quality. COTIQU offers project management services to ensure a successful implementation, within the three constraints, while you can still keep your focus on the day to day operations.